Hayari Le Paradis De L'homme by Hayari for Men

Hayari Le Paradis De L'homme by Hayari, The rustic scents of tanned leather and dried papyrus make Hayari Le Paradis De L'homme the perfect scent for any modern man. Brazilian redwood and Altas cedar complement this woodsy scent perfectly. Green, damp and forested scents will follow you throughout the day whether hard at work or hard at play. Since 2014, men have exuded masculine power with this aroma.

Hayari Parfums has created over a dozen scents since the first one launched in 2011. This came after two years of creating gowns that have adorned royalty and celebrities. Now, the company makes scents for the same goal. Each piece marries French style and Oriental aesthetics for a unique result to delight your nose. With aromas designed for men, women and both, there is something for everyone. Like the company's gowns, its perfumes are designed to linger in the mind and trail after you long after you've passed by.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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