Illuminum Wild Berry Blossom by Illuminum for Women

Illuminum Wild Berry Blossom Perfume by Illuminum, When you feel like wearing something stylish, you need a brilliant perfume to accompany your outfit. Make Illuminum Wild Berry Blossom an integral component of your fragrance collection. It has an unconventional composition that opens with black currant. The heart is beautifully floral with aromas of berry blossom and peony. The base ends everything strongly with cedarwood. This item first came out in 2011.

Illuminum is a famous fragrance brand based out of the United Kingdom. The company was founded by Michael Boadi, who worked as a hairstylist in England for many years. Over the course of his career, he was able to work with some of the best models and photographers in the industry.

He got into the fragrance industry starting in 2011. Michael Boadi developed the scent profile for Wild Berry Blossom perfume. He is also responsible for designing the branding, logo and packaging found on the fragrance.

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