Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston for Women

Jennifer Aniston Perfume by Jennifer Aniston, Launched in 2011, Jennifer Aniston is a sweetly tropical and refreshing scent for women.

Spritz yourself with the revitalizing smell of the sea, rose water, fresh soap and citrus grove accord. This perfume is perfect for any women looking for a bright new outlook on the new day that lies ahead. It dries off with a delightful combination of sweet and musky with hints of jasmine, sandalwood and amber for base notes.

Jennifer Aniston released its earliest fragrance in 2010, as it is a relatively new name in American perfumery. Their latest scent was launched in 2017. The perfumes created by this company are credited to the expert nose of Jean-Marc Chaillan. Other revitalizing scents which carry this name include J, Forever, Beachscape and Luxe.

This is an enchanting scent not only great for daytime wear, but it is also a charming choice for the pleasant spring and summer months.

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