Lively by Parfums Lively for Women

Lively Perfume by Parfums Lively, Fresh and exciting, lively by parfums lively is ready to go anywhere and do anything.

A bright burst of fragrant sicilian lemon greets the nose first, unlocking new sparkles of joy as the perfume opens up upon the skin. The airy lemon is brought down to earth with the help of sandalwood middle notes; this warm traditional aromatic wood is long-lasting and matures into a calm sweetness as the day wears on. Finally, a musky base note keeps things warm and interesting, hinting at secrets shared with a loved one or the promise of first love.

Parfums lively is company known for producing beautiful, refreshing, natural scent products that celebrate femininity, traditional loveliness, and youthful exuberance. Always playful and inviting, the parfums lively line includes scents for both men and women, and includes perfumes as well as eau de parfums and colognes.

The lovely box and delightful pink liquid make lively and especially nice gift. Playful without being too overtly sexy, lively is perfect for daytime use and is loved by women of all ages. This is a great scent for the workplace, school, or the weekend; it is gentle enough to be unobtrusive in a crowd and strong enough to be noticed by someone held close to the heart.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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