Lutece by Dana for Women

Lutece Perfume by Dana, The Oriental floral fragrance of Lutece launched in 1984 to the delight of romantic encounters all over the world. A sultry mix of the sensuous and exotic, this enticing scent has the range and striking power to turn any get-together into a meeting to remember. Wear this long-lasting, seductive fragrance anytime you’re seeking to turn a chance encounter into the start of something special.

The top notes of the romantic scent are geranium, Brazilian rosewood, Mandarin orange and aldehydes. The seductive heart notes include vetiver, orris root, rosemary, cedar, lily-of-the-valley and peony. The aromatic base notes feature heliotrope, vanilla, musk, cinnamon and Tonka bean.

In 1932, Javier Serra started the legendary, Spanish perfume brand: Dana. Named after, Danae, from Greek mythology, the company’s fragrances reflect their quest to create innovative scents for today’s sophisticated women and men. Their scent catalog currently holds over forty aromas ranging from the classical fragrances of yesterday to the luxurious perfumes and colognes of today.

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