Marc Jacobs Honey by Marc Jacobs for Women

Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume by Marc Jacobs, In 2013, Marc Jacobs Honey debuted to a thrilled fashion community.

With top notes of pear, mandarin, orange and punch, this women’s perfume is delightfully fresh and crisp. Its fruity nature is not overwhelming, though, as middle notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom and peach provide a well-balanced, subtle aroma. Meanwhile, honey, vanilla and woodsy notes anchor this eminently wearable perfume. With its versatility and popular appeal, this fragrance is appropriate for year-round wear in any setting.

Marc Jacobs is a world-famous fashion designer. Since 1986, his eponymous brand has brought fashion-forward apparel and accessories to customers everywhere. The company has produced memorable fragrances since 2001. The outside packaging of this perfume is fun and fresh.

With a bright-yellow, polka-dotted box adorned with bees, the fragrance makes an excellent gift. Meanwhile, with its bee-adorned cap and modern yellow color, the bottle is pretty enough to display beside a sink or on a vanity.

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