Mon Paris Couture by Yves Saint Laurent for Women

Mon Paris Couture Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, A dazzling and intoxicating citrus-floral scent greets the wearer of Mon Paris Couture and their companions, enveloping the senses with a feeling like falling in love.

This 2018 variation of the brand’s Mon Paris fragrance features many of the same notes in its heart and base, such as orange blossom, white peony, patchouli and white musk. However, it adds a revitalizing top accord including bergamot, litchi, mandarin orange and grapefruit. The floral heart is amplified as well by the unique, captivating scent of datura flowers. Couture is not just what you wear, but how you wear it, and with this perfume you can wear anything with enchanting grace.

Yves Saint Laurent, primarily a French fashion house known for finely-tailored men’s and women’s suits, has included cosmetics and perfumes in its lineup since 1964. Many early launches remain classic choices to this day, but the brand continues to add contemporary releases alongside them. These fragrances are designed with the same chic sensibilities as the fashion lines under the brand name, with a wide suite of perfumers contributing.

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