Montale Arabians by Montale for Unisex

Montale Arabians Perfume by Montale, The essence of Montale Arabians is inspired by the majestic regal figure of the Arabian Horse. Get that same spice of the wild with top notes of red thyme and cardamom. These work to revive the senses upon contact.

Meanwhile, lavender works to soften that gentle boost of energy. Sandalwood and patchouli notes re-create oriental vision of its inspiration. Bottom notes of leather and musk create animalic aromas. Still, rose notes create a sense of warm romance. All of these ingredients work to create a unisex fragrance that both men and women can enjoy. This 2017 scent is ready to join you all night long.

This fragrance’s inspiration should be no surprise to longtime Montale fans. Its founder, Pierre Montale, is well-versed in the fragrance tradition of the Middle East from his decades of experience creating scents for the region’s elite. Anyone can enjoy Montale’s talents when purchasing one of his elegant bottles.

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Item #PP606745X


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