Montale Honey Aoud by Montale for Women

Montale Honey Aoud Perfume by Montale, Released in 2015, Montale Honey Aoud is perfect for both men and women. It features sweet notes of honey, flowers and Madagascar vanilla along with cinnamon, amber, black leather and, of course, aoud.

Aoud, also known as agarwood, comes from agar trees in southeast Asia. The trees produce the resin as a defense mechanism against the Phialophora parasitica fungus. It is then stored in cellars for a long time before it is ready for distillation. The oil has been used in the Middle East as incense and medicine for thousands of years, and monks in that part of the world believe in its calming effects. It is considered 1.5 times more valuable than gold, earning it the nickname "the wood of the Gods."

Pierre Montale, the founder of the company that produces this perfume, worked with oriental fragrances for years as a nose for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. He is credited with bringing those scents, including aoud, to the masses.

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