Nasomatto Blamage by Nasomatto for Women

Blamage Perfume by Nasomatto, Blamage (which means “Disgrace” in German) is a scent that has been described most kindly as an “unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgement and care.” However, while this statement might initially be construed as an apology, for the perfumer, it is a testament to the mistakes and failures that lead to his otherwise intoxicating Nasomatto line. When Alessandro Gualtieri began creation, he blindfolded himself and choose four random ingredients. The result is a scent of white woods, birch, leather and musk, four ingredients that evoke a sense of adventure and all things exotic.

Alessandro Gualtiere was born and raised in Italy. He attended a German training institute, where he studied the history of perfumery techniques, and then later studied under the apprenticeship of an Italian ex-pat he met at a local tavern. He worked diligently creating scents for Versace, Fendi and Helmut Lang, amongst others, but it wasn’t until he did a short stint with Diesel that he decided to branch out on his own.

He launched his first line, the Nasomatto line, in Amsterdam. Each of his fragrances reinforce the stronger of human emotions: Duro for strength, Silver Musk for sexual charisma, Black Afgano for bliss and Blamage for human fallibility.

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