Nasomatto Silver Musk by Nasomatto for Women

Silver Musk Perfume by Nasomatto, Silver Musk is a men’s fragrance that needs nothing more than the man who wears it. In nature, the scent of musk is from the musk deer of Tibet.

As the animal is endangered and thus, protected, this scent is recreated for use in fragrances. It is replicated in a variety of different notes and serves as an animalistic accord that is used as a base for many fragrances. It has the ability to balance perfume compositions and add a note of warmth and sensuality, which makes it invaluable in fragrances. 

Nasomatto, which means “crazy nose” in Italian, is a perfume maker based in Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands. Alessandro Gualtieri is the nose and founder of the company, which is known for its unique and robust scents, which come in small square bottles with caps as large as the bottle itself. The designer, or nose, prefers to keep the notes that he uses in his fragrances a secret.

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