Oud Glacial by Reminiscence for Men

Oud Glacial by Reminiscence, In a quirky and bold fragrance, Reminiscence Oud Glacial was introduced in 2019 for men seeking a good balance between contemporary and traditional scents. Crisp and distinctive, it’s perfect for daily wear as well as most evening occasions.

It opens with an instant burst of cool, fresh mint. The most potent note in the fragrance, it lasts throughout the dry-down and is intensely aromatic. Balancing the impact of the mint is warm, succulent saffron and sweet, milky almond. The heart brings lemony lily-of-the-valley flowers, provocative rose and romantic violet petals. The base has warm, earthy patchouli, mysterious oud oil, herbal and woody Cypriol oil and a bit of animalic musk for an intimate appeal. The impression is magnetic and confident without being overpowering; the longevity and sillage are moderate.

Reminiscence is a French fashion house created by two of the world’s greatest lovers, Zoe Coste and Nino Amaddeo. His latest scents are created to be sensual with a touch of insolence.

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