Oudesire by Ajmal for Unisex

Oudesire Perfume by Ajmal, Oud, also called agarwood, is a perfume ingredient that is famous across history and the world for its unique, richly nutty scent. This reagent, prized in the Middle East, is what gives Oudesire its name.

This oriental-floral fragrance, suited for women and men alike, launched in 2016 in an imposing gold-colored bottle to symbolize the richness of the ingredients inside. Orange blossom, rose and jasmine accented by bergamot open the perfume at first application, leading into the fresh, spicy heart composed of raspberry and black currant joined with ginger. Finally, the titular oud emerges in the musky base amidst amber and sandalwood.

Ajmal has a 60 year history as a niche fragrance designer within the Middle East and a portfolio of some of the richest perfumes to come from the region. A network of 135 exclusive retail outlets across the Middle East establishes the brand’s presence, centered within the United Arab Emirates. The brand also exports its products to retailers across the globe, allowing seekers of fine fragrances elsewhere in the world to enjoy this designer’s work.

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