Outrageous Sophia Grojsman by Frederic Malle for Women

Outrageous Sophia Grojsman Perfume by Frederic Malle, Simply Outrageous Sophia Grojsman fragrance illuminates any cloudy day with its vibrant ingredients.

The zesty essence of lime and grapefruit provide a liveliness appropriate for a daytime scent. This energy is continued by the fresh sensations of mint and green apple. Middle notes of neroli and orange blossom create indolic scents that produce reminiscent sensations of gorgeous floral fields. Each of these scents are brought together by the warmth of amber and cedar that seal this fragrance’s personality.

Creators Frederic Malle, have distributed high-quality scents and enthralled fragrance fans for almost two decades. Supported by the experience of his family’s decades of perfume creation, Frederic Malle’s scents represent three generations of hard-work and dedication. Attaching his name to each bottle is a seal of approval by this fragrance maker. Each scent is a result of months of research and testing. Launching in 2007, this scent is a welcome addition to a world-renowned line.

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Item #PP114245X


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