Rasasi Junoon Leather by Rasasi for Men

Rasasi Junoon Leather by Rasasi, The third in a series, Rasasi Junoon Leather is a masculine fragrance inspired by the power and strength associated with the tough material.

Top notes of agarwood accord mix with floral notes and cardamom to create a strong and spicy opening layer. Heart notes of pepper, amber and various spices lend heat to the fragrance before finishing with a rich base note layer of white musk softened by additional amber and oudh.

Founded in 1979 by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar and carried on by his six sons, Rasasi is a family owned business based in Dubai. Each of Kalsekar’s sons works to grow the brand’s reputation for elegant, high-quality and luxurious products.

The fragrance is housed in a short, square bottle with a rectangular top and black and silver accents. It is simple yet visually appealing, perfect for display on a shelf or dresser. A portion of the bottle is transparent, allowing the amber colored liquid to come into view.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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