Royal Bain De Caron Champagne by Caron for Unisex

Royal Bain De Caron Champagne Cologne by Caron, Released in 1941, Royal Bain de Caron Champagne is a floral, oriental scent designed for men and women.

Ernest Daltroff made this magnificent fragrance for a California billionaire who wanted a replacement for his expensive champagne baths. The top notes are a lovely mixture of lilac and rose. The heart notes exude opoponax, benzoin and incense. The base notes finish this classic scent with amber, musk, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla.

In 1903, Ernest Daltroff started Parfums Caron in Paris, France. Though he didn’t possess formal training in the art of perfume making, he did have an excellent nose and love of scents which helped him create one of the most storied fragrance houses.

The year 1911 saw the release of Narcisse Noir, one of the first perfumes to earn critical acclaim. The film Sunset Boulevard would go on to heavily feature the fragrance. Daltroff’s constant muse was Felicie Wanpouille, his artistic director. Their love was assumed, but never proclaimed.

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