Sacred Wood by Kilian for Women

Sacred Wood Perfume by Kilian, Sacred Wood is the essence of sandalwood. As a unisex fragrance, it is for women and men.

This Oriental Woody fragrance is simple yet sensual. With sandalwood and milk as its two notes, it does not try too hard. It is clean and light with a spicy hint to it. While it can last you throughout the day, it is not an overwhelming perfume. In fact, it is the opposite of that. It is calm, laid back perfume with a mysterious and charming quality. Not too feminine and not too masculine, it is the perfect fragrance for men and women.

Launched in 2014 by Kilian, the nose behind this fragrance was Calice Becker. She has been a part of the perfume industry since 1985. Like the fragrance itself, the packaging is sleek and effortless. It comes in a simple black bottle. The box too, is black with a cursive K imprinted on the front.

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Item #PP558835X


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