Siwa by Memo for Women

Launched in 2007, Siwa by Memo is a warm and enchanting perfume. Like bottled nostalgia, this scent entice the senses to get lost in sweet memories. Violet leaf delicately emerges from the first spritz, emitting a fresh greenness with a hint of floral. An intoxicating concoction of whisky, narcissus and cinnamon further enhance the flowery green with a touch of spice and intrigue. Creamy vanilla and raw musk create a tantalizing finish that recaptures forgotten adventures.

When Clara, a Parisian poet, and John Malloy, and Irish adventurer, met, they had no idea their passion for travel and unleashing their creative sides would become something bigger than their romance. The couple founded Memo Paris in 2007 with the goal to recreate magical travels by developing fragrances that would bring memories to life. Each of the company’s unique perfume or cologne aims to unleash the past through a complex mastery of ingredients that creates a souvenir through scent.
All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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