Sunrise Franck Olivier by Franck Olivier for Men

Sunrise Franck Olivier by Franck Olivier, Since it first hit the market in 2010, the cologne Sunrise Franck Olivier has been tantalizing wearers with it subtle, masculine scent.

Opening with fresh floral notes of lavender and myrtle mixed with a dash of bergamot, this cologne has a relaxing overtone with a touch of zestiness that spices it up. Middle notes of clary sage, violet leaf, and jasmine add a subtle herbal accord that enhances the floralcy while preventing it from becoming overwhelming. Amber, tonka bean, and sandalwood complete the fragrance with an earthy account that is combined with subtle balsamic and woody undertones.

The fragrance company Franck Olivier has produced nearly four dozen aromas for both men and women. In collaboration with perfumers such as Mark Buxton, the company has developed a reputation for introducing fresh, vibrant scents that are perfect for both all-day and evening wear. Each fragrance comes in a unique glass bottle that reflects the essence of the scent inside.

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