Tabu Rose by Dana for Women

Tabu Rose Perfume by Dana, Debuting in 2015, Tabu Rose is a soft, warm and fresh women’s fragrance.

This perfume delivers a memorable scent profile, featuring notes of litchi, rose, and amber. The delicate nature of this fragrance makes is the perfect go-to fragrance for fashion-forward women. Even though this perfume is perfectly at home in the office, its intriguing aroma is optimal for evenings on the town. It also shines during intimate dinners, special events and unique occasions. Whether purchased for everyday wear or as a gift, this fragrance is a must-have for stylish women around the globe.

With a history dating back to the 1930s, Dana is an iconic Spanish perfume house. With perfumers who create innovative perfumes and colognes, this label has developed a worldwide following. This fragrance comes in a pink, damasked bottle with a rose hanging around its atomizer. Outside, the box is simple and elegant, clearly announcing the fragrance label.

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