Territoire by YZY Perfume for Men

Territoire by Yzy Perfume, With its blend of fresh, exotic ingredients, it's no surprise that Territoire is an intoxicating and seductive cologne for men.

Green leaf, cardamom and grapefruit notes introduce the fragrance, aligning it with the bracing opening of traditional colognes. The heart notes of melon, sweet tuberose and spicy cedar leaf give the fragrance an honest sweetness. The cologne's earthy foundation is built on notes of amber, leather, tree moss and sandalwood. These warm, evocative ingredients reflect the natural mysteries and gifts of our natural world. Spray on a little of this magnetizing cologne and find yourself the center of your own new world. Prepare to receive compliments from a host of admirers!

Founded in 1986, Yzy Perfume is a family-owned and -operated perfume wholesaler based in Miami, Florida. Its fragrance line for men includes products such as His Majesty, Lively and Sheriff. Its perfumes line includes Double Diamond, Lunar Rose and Sun D'Or.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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