Terroni by Orto Parisi for Unisex

Terroni Perfume by Orto Parisi, You will feel as though you have a piece of the earth around your pulse points once you spritz the bold scent of Terroni perfume around your neck.

This fragrance draws inspiration from molten lava that lies just beneath the earth’s surface. It has an intense composition that contains notes of woods, musk and spices. There is real power in this perfume. It made its debut in 2017 and is considered a unisex fragrance.

Orto Parisi is the Italian fragrance brand behind this perfume. The company has been active since the 2010s and is viewed as a niche designer in the industry.

Alessandro Gualtieri is the nose behind this sensational fragrance. Born in Italy, Gualtieri honed his craft at a training institute in Germany. After graduating, he went on to create perfumes for numerous brands, including Helmut Lang and Versace. It was not long until he was able to launch his own Nasomatto line.

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