Vanilla Musk by Coty for Women

Vanilla Musk Perfume by Coty, Vanilla Musk is a sweet, gentle perfume with a simple yet effective blend of ingredients. Released in 1994, the fragrance is a beautiful, uplifting composition that can be enjoyed all day.

The perfume is built around its top note of vanilla. This creamy, sugary scent lends the fragrance a youthfulness and a joyous sparkle. Its creamy warmth is irresistible on cool winter nights. A mix of cedar and sandalwood lays a subtle base, earthy and inviting. A final note of musk imbues the perfume with a subtle sensuality while letting the vanilla shine. Wear this feminine composition any time a delicate scent will do.

Francois Coty studied perfumery with a pharmacist before launching his own fragrance company in 1904. The French brand became known for pairing beautiful scents with elegant bottles. By advertising perfume to the middle class, the company helped transform it from a luxury good to a mass-marketed product.

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