Victoria's Secret Wicked by Victoria's Secret for Women

Victoria's Secret Wicked Perfume by Victoria's Secret, Victoria’s Secret Wicked is a perfume meant to offer a level of intrigue and allure to even the most sophisticated woman. This fragrance combines a top note of freesia, a middle note of brown sugar and a Tahitian vanilla base. This combination produces a scent that could be described as innocent by day, and naughty at night.

This unique blend of these fragrances produces an irresistible warmth and sweetness. As a result, this perfume can be worn at any hour, preferably during the colder months of the year. The sweet vanilla accords give the perfume a subtle but sensuous scent, which produces a moderate sillage. It also has a moderate longevity, so one application will last for most of the day.

Like their lingerie, accessories and cosmetic product lines, Victoria’s Secret’s perfumes are designed to entice its audience and capture the world’s imagination. In 2017, Wicked was launched to do just that.Victoria's Secret Wicked by Victoria's Secret for Women.

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