Victoria's Secret Emerald Crush by Victoria's Secret for Women

Victoria's Secret Emerald Crush by Victoria's Secret, A perfume mist may not be a necessity, but it’s certainly a luxury that many women crave. Victoria's Secret Emerald Crush is the crème de la crème of daytime fragrances for those who want to take their look to the next level. The soft mist exudes a freesia and pear scent that’s fun, flirty and just a tad addictive. Generously spray the mist all over yourself after a morning shower to stay light on your feet and refreshed all day long.

Victoria's Secret is a renowned beauty brand that was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond. It achieved worldwide acclaim from its lingerie empire and quality fragrances. Women can find something sensual and beautiful, no matter their style that they can use for work, play and dating. The company is constantly releasing new dizzying fragrances with a unique scent story so that women all over the world can tell theirs.

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