Victoria's Secret Marine Splash by Victoria's Secret for Women

Victoria's Secret Marine Splash Perfume by Victoria's Secret, Victoria's Secret Marine Splash is a tropical paradise in a bottle. The aquatic notes are reminiscent of a waterfall filling the air with a damp, clean scent.

Blossoms contribute a floral note that evokes a lush garden or field of wildflowers. Green notes, akin to thick grass or freshly cut hay, add a youthful, vibrant quality. Finally, grapefruit provides a touch of bitterness and a black currant-like undertone. With such an unique combination of scents, this perfume is a wonderful choice for a spring or summer day.

Victoria’s Secret, founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond, is famous for its fashion and body products. Its first foray into perfumery occurred in 1989 with the classic “Victoria.” Since then, the company has released many fragrances, mists and body sprays, including a variety of limited edition collections. As of 2020, it’s created over 370 fragrances, guaranteeing that all enthusiasts can find something to love.

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