Victoria's Secret Midnight Bloom by Victoria's Secret for Women

Victoria's Secret Midnight Bloom Perfume by Victoria's Secret, Released in 2020, Victoria's Secret Midnight Bloom combines an unusual floral note with classic woody tones to create a perfect balance: intense and sweet with soft, earthy and cozy. The “midnight bloom” in this fragrant mist’s name refers to moon flower, also called datura metel: a night-blooming nightshade with a honeysuckle-like aroma. Creamy woods soften its effects and lend staying power.

Founded in 1977, Victoria's Secret was the brainchild of husband-wife pair Roy and Gaye Raymond. Roy’s frustration with limited options while shopping for his wife led to their innovative approach: modern lingerie fashions presented in a welcoming retail environment. By the time they sold the company to Les Wexner in 1982, it had amassed $6 million in annual sales. Limited Brands built the brand significantly, with thousands of stores worldwide and developing its already successful retail catalog. Vs released its first fragrance in 1991 and has over 370 scents in its collections.

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