Xerjoff Soprano by Xerjoff for Women

Xerjoff Soprano Perfume by Xerjoff, Alluring yet aloof, sophisticated, Xerjoff Soprano is a velvet-soft floral oriental composition enhanced by elements of tropical fruit, freshest flowers, rich wood and warm spice.

Opening notes are a tantalizing effusion of juicy, radiant fruits and shimmering flowers, mingling fragrant litchi and Calabrian bergamot with mellow tones of plum and light, luminous freesia. Luscious, luxuriant florals embrace the heart; heady Egyptian jasmine, Bulgarian rose and sweet apricot nuances of osmanthus bloom radiant against an inviting gourmand backdrop of creamy milk. A harmonizing base merges a dark, exotic accord of rich oud with smooth leather and earthy patchouli to leave a warm, lingering woody floral trail.

Soprano was launched in 2018 by the niche Italian company Xerjoff. The scent belongs to the luxe Velvet collection. Other oriental compositions in the Velvet series include the citrusy sweet and powdery Erba Pura, the woody and warm spicy Laylati, the spicy floral Wardasina and the citrus woody white floral Ouverture.

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