Demeter Bulgarian Rose by Demeter for Women

Demeter Bulgarian Rose Perfume by Demeter, Named for its singular floral note, Demeter Bulgarian Rose stands apart for its sumptuous aroma, derived from Bulgarian rose oil and delicately blended with alcohol and distilled water.

Also referred to as "liquid gold," one gram of the extracted essential oil requires 1300 blooming roses. As you might imagine, this ultra-feminine, sophisticated perfume is a favorite with women and men alike. It's particularly suited to daytime wear in the spring and summer months, considerably upping the romance factor. Whether you spritz it on for a casual or formal occasion, you'll smell fresh and intoxicating for hours. Thanks to its moderate longevity and sillage, you can simply reapply whenever you feel the need to smell the roses.

American fragrance company Demeter is renowned for its evocative line of fragrances for men and women. Often designed with familiar notes that call forth strong memories, the scents are known for their whimsical and thematic names.

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